NURS779 Synthesis & Translation of Evidence

About the Project

You will need to choose a citation manager for the review.  For 779, we support Endnote, F1000, and Mendeley.

You will need to create a Covidence account for this review if you are in Dr. Yeo's class.

Choose a citation manager

HSL Online Guides Endnote Mendeley Zotero F1000Workspace
Classes at HSL See here See here   See here
Cost Full: Under $100 through UNC-CH
Basic: free via Web

Free to everyone
UNC-CH Add-ons

Free to everyone Free through UNC-CH
How is it used? Full: Your Computer
Basic: Web
Your computer
and the Web
Your computer
and the Web
Major citation styles?
Annotation of PDFs
Locate full-text using UNC-CH subscriptions


Adds citation from a PDF
Sharing options X7 users have sharing options / email compressed libraries UNC-CH members have unlimited groups See group options here
Share unlimited projects and manuscripts
Free online storage Unlimited with X7 5,000+ papers
(UNC-CH members have more space)
700+ papers
(more space can be purchased)
Word Processor Microsoft Word Microsoft Word
LibreOffice (latest)
Microsoft Word
LibreOffice (all)
Microsoft Word
Google Docs

779 assignment

Please note that Dr. Waldrop's class will NOT be using Covidence, but you will still need a citation manager. Only Dr. Yeo's class will need Covidence AND a citation manager.

Creating a Covidence Account

If you have never used Covidence before, visit the UNC Covidence Sign-Up page and enter your name and UNC or UNC Hospitals email on the sign in page. You will then receive an email inviting you to Covidence. Follow the link in the email and click on "Create an Account."

If you have already created an account with Covidence, you will need to link your account with our institutional access in order to create unlimited free reviews.

Visit the  UNC Covidence Sign-Up page and enter your name UNC or UNC Hospitals email. You will receive an email inviting you to Covidence. Follow the link in the email and sign into your Covidence account. You should then be able to create unlimited reviews using your University of North Carolina access. If you did not sign up with your UNC email on your original account, you will not be able to link your account to our institutional access. 

Once you have signed up under our institutional subscription, you can access Covidence directly by going to

UNC's log in page

If you have ongoing reviews in your preexisting account and want to transfer ownership of these systematic reviews to the UNC institutional license, you can, please contact the HSL to request a transfer of your review. 

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