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Nam June Paik, Eagle Eye, 1996, Ackland Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The term "new media" describes the sophisticated technologies, like CD-ROMS, DVDs, and social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, which emerged in the 1980s that enabled artists to digitally produce and distribute art.  This subject guide pulls from UNC's library resources and online cultural institutions and collectives to provide a starting place for research projects focusing on new media.  Please keep in mind that new media is an interdisciplinary term, and resources can be found in journals specializing in communication and music.

Sloane Art Research Library

Sloane Art Library

The Joseph Curtis Sloane Art Library is one of the premier art research libraries of the South, with a collection of more than 100,000 volumes, including art exhibition catalogs, art journals and magazines, art documentaries and art films, illuminated manuscript facsimiles, artists’ books, artists' files, and numerous online resources.

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Art & Architecture Article Databases

After you find a few books that relate to your topic, you will want to find journal articles.  Specialized databases like Artsource can save you time by filtering your results, as this database limits its search to scholarly journals about art and art history.  Find current articles by browsing a journal's table of contents, reviewing bibliographies from recently published books, and searching multiple databases for results.

Journal Suggestions

Below are examples of journals which include entries on new media.  These journals can be found in the Sloane Library's collection and/or online.

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