Company & Industry Research: Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Basics

Watch all four videos in this Learning the Bloomberg series on YouTube!

Finding Company Data in the Bloomberg

Find your company

  • Type company name or ticker symbol to get company on the screen.
  • Select your company from the list that appears on the screen. It will be listed under 'Securities'.

Then type one or more of the following commands:

Analysts’ recommendations

  • Type: ANR for one-word recommendation (buy, sell, hold, etc.)
  • Type: BRC for 1-4 page reports by independent analysts. Download as pdf.

BI = Bloomberg intelligence

  • Independent, unbiased research by Bloomberg analysts
  • Offers macro drivers, industry info. Compares data between companies 
  • 94 <go> to turn off sidebar so can see more data

RV= Relative Valuation

  • Compares industry information and market share of companies and their competitors

GF = graph of historic stock prices

General tip: type GRAB to email graphic image of screen.

Finding a Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal @ The Park Library

  • If you can get to the Park Library,
  • Make an appointment with Stephanie to learn "the Bloomberg."
  • Ideally: make an appointment for you and 1-2 buddies to maximize the learning experience.

Can't get to the Park Library?

  • See if your local university or public library has a terminal you can use.
  • It's unlikely but possible.
  • Message Stephanie for help identifying a nearby Bloomberg terminal.

Park Library's Bloomberg Terminal

Park Library's Bloomberg Terminal

How Can I Get Bloomberg Certification?

What is BESS?

The Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program (BESS) helps you quickly learn the Bloomberg terminal. If you finish the course and pass the tests, you will receive a certification you can add to your resume.

TIP: You can use one screen to look up answers while you take your exam on the other screen. We suggest taking the exams as soon as possible after you watch the video tutorials.

Start with the Core Program:

Once you've completed the Core Program and scored at least a 75% on the exam, start the Market Sector Program:

Once you've finished, request your Acknowledgement of Certification. Congratulations! You're Bloomberg certified.

Citing the Bloomberg

Citing the Bloomberg


prepared by Stephanie Willen Brown, 04/17/14.

VidTip: Using the Bloomberg


How & why you might want to use the Bloomberg terminal @ the Park Library. Covers the following Bloomberg commands:

  • ANR = Analysts' recommendations
  • BRC= Broker research recommendations
  • RV = Relative Valuation
  • GF = graph fundamentals of historic stock prices
  • BI = Bloomberg Intelligence and Industry research

Bloomberg Certification: Getting Started

First, create a personal username and password.

  1. Launch Bloomberg.
  2. Press the Red Pause|Break|Log Off key on the upper right on keyboard.
  3. When the username/password screen appears, click Create New Login.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your name, a phone number, and an email address. You may use the Park Library phone number, (919) 843-8300, and email address, UNCParkLib @, if you would like.
  5. Bloomberg must validate you before you can proceed. Choose how you want to receive your validation code.
  6. Bloomberg will assign you a user name. You can change it by selecting Change Your Login Name.
  7. Each time you start a BESS session, you will need to login using your personal username/password. If you login with the Park Library account, your progress will not be saved.

Next, set your preferences. We suggest setting your country to US even if you don't set any other preferences.

To start the certification course, enter the command BESS. Make sure you have a pair of headphones so you can watch the videos!

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