Company & Industry Research: Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Basics

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Finding Company Data in the Bloomberg

Find your company

  • Type company name or ticker symbol to get company on the screen.
  • Select your company from the list that appears on the screen. It will be listed under 'Securities'.

Then type one or more of the following commands:

Analysts’ recommendations

  • Type: ANR for one-word recommendation (buy, sell, hold, etc.)
  • Type: BRC for 1-4 page reports by independent analysts. Download as pdf.

BI = Bloomberg intelligence

  • Independent, unbiased research by Bloomberg analysts
  • Offers macro drivers, industry info. Compares data between companies 
  • 94 <go> to turn off sidebar so can see more data

RV= Relative Valuation

  • Compares industry information and market share of companies and their competitors

GF = graph of historic stock prices

General tip: type GRAB to email graphic image of screen.

Finding a Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal @ The Park Library

  • If you can get to the Park Library,
  • Make an appointment with Stephanie to learn "the Bloomberg."
  • Ideally: make an appointment for you and 1-2 buddies to maximize the learning experience.

Can't get to the Park Library?

  • See if your local university or public library has a terminal you can use.
  • It's unlikely but possible.
  • Message Stephanie for help identifying a nearby Bloomberg terminal.

Park Library's Bloomberg Terminal

Park Library's Bloomberg Terminal

Citing the Bloomberg

Citing the Bloomberg


prepared by Stephanie Willen Brown, 04/17/14.

VidTip: Using the Bloomberg


How & why you might want to use the Bloomberg terminal @ the Park Library. Covers the following Bloomberg commands:

  • ANR = Analysts' recommendations
  • BRC= Broker research recommendations
  • RV = Relative Valuation
  • GF = graph fundamentals of historic stock prices
  • BI = Bloomberg Intelligence and Industry research

PowerPoint (pdf)

  • Download a pdf of the PowerPoint slides of a past presentation which also includes information about FA= for company financials, and CF= SEC Filings.
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