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HSL is excited to announce Covidence, for teaching and conducting systematic reviews! Find out more here.

New to HSL? Quick Tips

Quick tips to get you started using library space, services and resources.

Video Tour of the HSL

Seeing is believing! Watch this quick video to see what the HSL building provides to help you create your perfect "home away from home" study spot.


Quick Links to Info About the HSL Building

Here are answers to the basic questions that many people ask about using the HSL building. The description below each link will tell you how to use the HSL web site to find this information again.

Building Hours
Today's hours display at the top right of every HSL web page. Click on that link to display the HSL calendar month by month. All of the campus library calendars are linked on this page.

Friends Cafe Hours
The Friends Cafe on the first floor of the HSL is a popular place to meet up over coffee and a snack or to grab some lunch. The Friend's Cafe is open during weekday daytime hours. You can get the specific hours for each day using the Building Hours link at the top of the page and selecting the Friends Cafe calendar. For other campus food options, see Carolina Dining Services.

Computing (including wireless), Printing, Scanning
Mouseover the Using the Library tab in the black bar in the header to find this link again.

Reserve a Room
Mouseover the Using the Library tab in the black bar in the header to find this link again.

Places to Study
4th floor is the designated quiet floor. This link to a pictorial guide of all the study spaces is found on the left hand side of the Reserve a Room page.

Print Books, Print Journals, and DVDs
Not everything you need is available online! Use the Collections link in middle right hand side of the home page to find out where materials are kept in the building.

Maps / Parking / Floorplans
Mouseover the About tab in the black bar in the header and select Visitor Information to find this link again.

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