PWAD 670: Challenges to peace keeping between Israel and Palestine

This course page has been created to give students a comprehensive idea about resources that should be used when writing research papers in this class. The major goal of this course is to “focus on the barriers preventing peace-making from occurring.”

UNC catalog search


Catalog Tips and Useful Subject Headings

When you find an on target resource, you may want to look at the record to locate other helpful titles with the same subject headings or authors, or within the same call number range.

Below are some suggested searches. Note that as you type in author, titles, etc., in the catalog that suggestions will be available for you to select.

Authors: Harms, Gregory.; Daniel, Kurtzer. ; Khalidi, Rashid

Titles: Managing the Conflict in the Middle East The iron cage : the story of the Palestinian struggle for statehood

Subjects: Palestinian Arabs -- Politics and government ; Arab-israeli conflict -- peace

Keywords: Intifada ; Hamas : the Islamic resistance movement ; Munaẓẓamat al-Taḥrīr al-Filasṭīnīyah

For primary resources please add any of the following words to your search: letters, diaries, speeches, newspaper articles, autobiographies, oral histories, government and organizational records, statistical data, maps, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings, advertisements, and artifacts.



Sreaming Media (Hundreds of full-length streaming videos)

Video Search Engines

Youtube ; Google Video ; Truveo ; Vimeo ; Metacafe ; Viddler ; Dailymotion

Film Resources & Streaming Media

Academic Book Examples





 Examples for other films:

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