ARTS356: Introduction to Digital Photography (Cox)

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Fair Use, Copyright, and Making Art

Image Searching on the Internet

Library Catalogs

Search the UNC Libraries Catalog to find books with images you can scan and transform to create new works of art. Scanners are available at the Sloane Art Library for you to use.  Please remember that the images you scan may be protected by copyright. see the articles included in this guide on fair use and copyright.

Plus, UNC Libraries has tons of books on digital photography!


Art & Architecture Image Databases

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Girl and bear cub. No. 2, “Did you say doughnuts?” Photo from Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection, between 1900 and 1916. 

Art Librarian

Alice Whiteside
Sloane Art Library
102 Hanes Art Center
(919) 962-1061

Open Access Image Collections

Images in ARTstor with the IAP tag can be used for publishing and educational use, without the need to request additional permissions from contributing museums. More info about the IAP program can be found here:

***Featured Site***

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