F1000 Workspace

Librarian Tools for F1000Workspace

Among the F1000 Workspace Librarian Tools are these (there are additional flyers, brochures, and logos):

F1000Workspace FAQ Help Guides & Video Guides

F1000Workspace Overall FAQ Help Guide

  • Accessible directly from link above or from within F1000Workspace (HELP button on top right)
  • The FAQ Help pages (as opposed to video guides) are meant to answer specific issues that users have asked multiple times. The intention is to find a answer quickly.

F1000 Workspace Vimeo Video Guides (full set of 9)

The Guides (as opposed to Help FAQ's) are meant to be a high level overview of features and have screen shots. The intention is to give a broader understanding of a feature.  F1000Workspace video topics include the following (not all have audio; some are screen captures):

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