New to EndNote? This guide offers you resources that will guide you step-by-step through creating, building, and citing your reference library.

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What's New in EndNote X7?

EndNote X7 is the latest version of EndNote.  Here are some of the new features of EndNote X7:

  • PDF Handling (see below)
    • Automatically rename PDFs when imported
    • Automatically import PDFs from a folder on your computer
    • Automatic group creation when importing folders of PDFs
  • Add citations and references to PowerPoint slides (Windows only)
  • New reference types: Conference Paper, Interview, Podcast, Press Release
  • More than 5,000 Output Styles
  • Modifications to syncing with EndNote Web account
    • Background synchronization with online account and iPad app
    • Manage Shared Groups from desktop and online

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PDF Handling in EndNote X7

PDF Automatic Renaming and Import Folder

The automatic renaming feature saves you the trouble of manually changing the name of all your PDF files.  You can set how you would like EndNote to  automatically rename all of the PDF files that you import into your library.

The Auto Import Folder allows you to designate a 'watched' folder on your desktop.  Any PDF added to this folder will automatically be imported into your EndNote library.

  • In your EndNote library, select Edit > Preferences... from the menu bar.  The EndNote Preferences dialog box will open.
  • Select PDF Handling from the box in the left column.
  • Under PDF Auto Renaming Options, choose how you would like EndNote to rename PDFs that you import into your library. Click Apply.   Click OK once you have finished selecting your options.
  • Under PDF Auto Import Folder, select the box next to Enable automatic importing or click the Select Folder button.
    • A dialog box will appear.  Locate the folder from which you would like EndNote to automatically import PDFs.
    • Click OK to close the dialog box. 
    • Click Apply.  Click OK once you have finished selecting your options.
    • Any PDF added to the Auto Import Folder will automatically be imported into your EndNote library.

PDF Handling in EndNote Preferences

PDF Handling Preferences

Automatic Group Creation for Imported Folder of PDFs

When importing a folder of PDFs into your library, EndNote X7 gives you the option importing subfolders within a folder.  You can also choose to have EndNote create a Group Set for the main folder and Groups for the subfolders.  Note that EndNote X7 will attempt to attach PDFs to matching references that already exist within the library instead of creating  new, duplicate references.

  • Click on the File menu and select Import > Folder.  The Import Folder dialog box will appear.
  • Click on Choose and select the folder that you wish to import.
  • If you wish to include subfolders within the folder, select the box next to Include files in subfolders.
  • If you want EndNote to create a separate group set for the main folder and groups within it for the subfolders, select the box next to Create a Group Set for this import.
  • Under Import Option, select PDF from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Import when you have finished.  All references within the folder and its subfolders will be imported into your EndNote library and a new Group Set and Groups will be created.

Import Folder Dialog Box in EndNote X7

Import Folder


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