Searching the Literature for Animal Testing Alternatives : a Tutorial

Tutorial for researching alternatives to animal research

Manage Your Results

Keeping track of what databases you have searched, what keywords and questions you used in each database, and the results from each search can be a time-consuming and tedious enterprise, but it is critical.  UNC-CH supports several online citation management programs that can help you organize and manage your literature search results.

Citation management software programs have some major advantages over card files and spreadsheets, though these are also valid options.

  • You can import abstracts from many databases directly into these programs instead of having to cut-and-paste.
  • You can organize and attach notes to each included reference. 
  • You can automatically format your stored citations according to a huge variety of styles, including APA, MLA, AMA, and more.
  • You can export an automatic report or file of your saved citations, with or without annotation.

Comparing reference managers

HSL Online Guides Endnote Mendeley Zotero F1000Workspace
Classes at HSL See here See here   See here
Cost Full: Under $100 through UNC-CH
Basic: free via Web

Free to everyone
UNC-CH Add-ons

Free to everyone Free through UNC-CH
How is it used? Full: Your Computer
Basic: Web
Your computer
and the Web
Your computer
and the Web
Major citation styles?
Annotation of PDFs
Locate full-text using UNC-CH subscriptions


Adds citation from a PDF
Sharing options X7 users have sharing options / email compressed libraries UNC-CH members have unlimited groups See group options here
Share unlimited projects and manuscripts
Free online storage Unlimited with X7 5,000+ papers
(UNC-CH members have more space)
700+ papers
(more space can be purchased)
Word Processor Microsoft Word Microsoft Word
LibreOffice (latest)
Microsoft Word
LibreOffice (all)
Microsoft Word
Google Docs
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