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Christie Silbajoris, MSLS, AHIP: Consumer Health & Patient Education Librarian

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Christie Silbajoris, MSLS can provide help through email, chat, or phone
Subjects:Consumer Health


Christie is the director of  NC Health Info, a collection of easy-to-use health information and local health services web sites for all North Carolinians.  NC Health Info is available in English and Spanish and is a service of the Health Sciences Library.

Christie's interest in health literacy began in the 1970's when there was little understandable health information available to the public. Now that there is an abundance of health information written for consumers, the problem has shifted from one of supply to one of quality. Christie works to help the public understand how to evaluate and choose good health information for themselves and their families.

Christie also provides liaison services to the Patient Education Committee and the Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Department at UNC Health Care. Quality patient education and patient safety information and resources contribute to the goal of improving patients' health behaviors, health status or both.

Christie teaches classes on consumer health topics at area public libraries and at other organizations, locally and statewide.  She is a member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals, the Medical Library Association, and CAPHIS, the Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of MLA. 

Research Interests

Consumer access to health information, e-health and e-patients, health literacy, physician-patient communication, patient education, patient safety, and online health information.


BS, Bowling Green State University
MSLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Selected Publications & Presentations

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