African American Art: Home

A collection of databases, books, links, and other resources helpful in the study of African American art.

What is in this guide?

Welcome!  In this guide you'll find a selection of resources helpful when researching topics in African American Art.

  • Articles: A selection of resources, primarily databases, in which to search for articles related to art and art history, African American culture, and general humanities.
  • Biographical Info: For those seeking information about prominent figures in African American art, this section contains links databases, dictionaries, and monographs that can be found in the library itself.
  • Images: This tab contains several databases useful for finding images, both specifically of art by African American artists and of art in general.
  • Archives & Historic Newspapers: Links to the websites for archives of American and African American art, and to searchable repositories of assorted historical and current newspapers.
  • Research Centers, Museums, Libraries: Links to the websites of a wide variety of museums, libraries, and other research institutions devoted to African American art, history, and culture.

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