KOR 150: History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea

Finding books

Start with Keywords or Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).
Identify one or more relevant books. Click on LCSH given to those titles to find more titles.
Use Advanced Search for more precise results


LC Subject Heading


Going to the advanced search features in the UNC catalog will let you search for items that UNC has in Korean. You can also specify what format (book, film, etc.) that you want to find

Davis Library Chat

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What is in this guide?

This KOR 150 course page will help you locate books, articles, and information on topics covered in class and for required research papers.

UNC catalog search


Searchable using Korean as well as a romanizied script for Korean resources. All the computers in Davis Library are able to input Korean scripts.

Relevant Databases

Reference Resources

These resources provide references to important reference books, journals, bibliographical tools, databases, and similar sources.

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