China Studies - Primary Sources: Western language journals published during the late Qing and the Republic era

Western language journals published during the late Qing and the Republic era (ca. 1840-1912)

The American Journal of Chinese Medicine Microfilm 20th Century- reference only
Bulletin of the Diocesan Association for Western China Microfilm 1934 -1951  
A Century of Protestant Missions in China Print 1907-1907  
China Christian Advocate Microfilm 1914-1941  
China Forum Folio 1938-1940  
China Magazine (includes China at War) Microfilm 1938-1949  
China Medical Journal Print 1887-1921  
China's Millions (A Missionary Magazine) Print & E (partial) 1832-1905  
China Quarterly Microfilm 1935-1941  
China Review Print 1872-1901  
Chinese Recorder Microfilm 1868-1941 Index
The Chinese Recorder and Educational View Microfilm 1939-1941  

The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal



Chinese Repository Microfilm 1832-1851  
Chinese Social & Political Science Review Print | Microfilm 1916-1938  
Far Eastern Review Microfilm 1904-1941  
Fenchow Microfilm 1919-1936  
Foochow Messenger Microfilm 1903-1940  
Hainan Newsletter Microfilm 1920-1949  
Journal Asiatique (French) Print 1822-1851  
Missionary Recorder Microfilm 1867-1867  
Nineteenth Century Books on China Folio 19th century  
North China Herald, and Supreme Court and Consular Gazette Print 1850-1859  
Transactions of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Microfilm 1847-1859  
West China Missionary News Microfilm 1901-1943  
Journal of Contemporary China Print/Online 20th century-  
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