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Google Searches

Google can do more than just basic search!  

Look for file type: pdf, doc, xls, etc.

Search by specific website ie. "" (or for education sites, use "site:edu", for non-profits, use "site:org")

Try these Google searches:

"FCC" "net neutrality" filetype:pdf

site:edu library "Federal Communications Commission" "FCC"

From Former Students

chat icon"Meeting with the librarian helped me to figure out how to find articles more effectively and to look up keywords in ways that would yield more results.  I was able to find more articles that were relevant faster than I would have been able to do on my own."

Quote Bubble"Even meeting just briefly helped me to more effectively research my paper, and it ultimately saved me a lot of time and effort that I could then devote to actually writing the paper."

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Find Scholarly, Trade, & Newspaper Articles

Online resources for MEJO 424 Media Management and Policy.

Search Three Databases

Try searching (copy & paste) :

(policy or policies or regulat* or legislat* or legal or law or FCC or Federal Communications Commission)
(over-the-top OR OTT)

(search three EBSCO databases)

Also Try Searching

Library Search Tips

Creating Good Search terms


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