E-Resource Troubleshooting: Where To Begin?

A convenient place for staff to look for ways to solve a problem with an electronic resource.

Service Outages

Can you reproduce the user's problem?

First things first.


Reporting the Problem: Best Practices

Report the problem, so that RMS staff can follow up with the user.

  • Be sure to include the user's name and contact information, so that we can follow up!  We strongly prefer email; it's easier to convey detailed information this way and we've got a record of what's been done.
  • What was the user trying to access?  If the PMID is available, please include it.
  • What is the user's IP address? (I like IPChicken because it also includes browser information)
  • Which browser was the patron using?  Which version?
  • Where did the patron start? A Library web page? Google? Personal bookmarks? (Hint: Always start with the Library!)
  • Were there any error messages? What were they?

If you are unable to provide the item the user needs, instruct them to request it through ILL.

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