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Since formal industries in North Carolina began to replace small, subsistence agriculture in the nineteenth century, the history of North Carolina has been inextricably tied to industrial development. Banking, biotechnology, furniture, naval stores, textiles, and tobacco are a few of the prominent industries that have shaped the state's history and cultural character.

This research guide introduces researchers to a selection of the resources available on industrial history in the North Carolina Collection at Wilson Library at UNC-Chapel Hill. This guide does not include all of the titles about North Carolina industries in the collection, but is intended to provide good starting points for research.White Oak Cotton Mills postcard

  • Banking - Resources on banking in North Carolina
  • Biotechnology - Resources on biotechnology in North Carolina
  • Furniture - Resources on furniture in North Carolina
  • Naval Stores - Resources on naval stores in North Carolina
  • Textiles - Resources on textiles in North Carolina
  • Tobacco - Resources on tobacco in North Carolina

This pathfinder was created by Anne Fleming as part of a class project in Spring 2007. It was updated by Sarah Everhart in May 2009, and again in July 2013 by Tyler Gilmore and Matt Karkutt, then subsequently edited by Sarah Carrier.

General Resources

Here are two very general reference resources that provide a nice starting point for researching the industries discussed in this guide.

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