Saving to the Server: How to Save

This page shows how to save to the server so that projects can be accessed on more than one computer

Media Librarian

Winifred Fordham Metz
Media Resources Center in the Undergraduate Library
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You can now create and work on projects in the MRC lab and save your work on one computer and have that it be accessible on other computers in the MRC Lab and on the MACs located in the study lounge across the hall from the MRC. In order for you to do this you must save your work on the server. This page will show you how to save to the server.

How to Save to the Server

When you log on the computer to one of the Macs in the MRC Lab or across the hall from the MRC you may receive this popup asking you to sign into the server. If so sign in using your onyen and password


This is the a server 'labeled MediaStorage will appear on your desktop.

To Save to the server you must tell the program you are working on to save to your profile under in server. For example in GarageBand, after selecting to create a new project when choosing what to name the project you want to make sure you select your folder in the MediaStorage Device to save your songs files.

Remember you must select the server for any project that you want to have access to on multiple computers. If you don't it will remain on that computer you started to work on the project.

Media Lab Manager

Greg Klaiber