Geog 445: Medical Geography

Poster Presentations in Power Point

Your class will be using 1024 X 728 projectors to display your poster project. Power Point’s default settings are set for 1024 X 728 projection (this is a reference to how many pixels the projector can project - 1024 pixels by 728 pixels).  You do not need to make the slide “poster sized” in inches, because you will not be printing them.  So keep the slide at its default size

The max dpi on images in the 1024 X 724 display is about 90 dpi (dots per inch).  The default 72 dpi on most web images will be fine, as the display doesn’t accommodate much more than this. Making an image smaller using the scaling handles in Power Point is usually not going to result in pixellation, but taking a small image and scaling it larger may. 

Other tips about Power Point and posters:

·         Less than 9 point font will likely not be readable.

·         The projectors in the social computing room project from the floor to the ceiling, so keep that in mind when designing your poster - It may be difficult to read small text located at the very bottom of the wall, for example.    

·         Using sans serif fonts (Ariel, Helvetica, etc.) will make your poster more readable

·         The focal point is where eyes are most likely to travel, and it is the place where your most important information should be. 

Know that on a projected poster, there will not be the same amount of legible text as on a printed poster, because again, pixels are limited. Be judicious about what material you are including.

General sites on displaying information, academic poster creation:

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