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This page is an introduction to the guides for the MRC and offers a quick link to them

What Is in this Guide

Welcome to the Media Resources Center. The following links are guides to explain how to use our equipment and software to create audio or video projects.

Getting Started - Helpful tips on how to begin a project in the Media Lab

MRC Hours  - Check to see when the lab is open 

Programs in the Lab - Links to tutorials for the software programs available at the MRC


Equipment Tutorials

Click the link below to pull up instructions and video tutorials on how to use the video cameras, audio recorders, and other audiovisual equipment available for check out from the MRC.

Equipment Tutorials

Editing Software

Once you're ready to edit your project and you have questions about how to use any of the editing software found in the MRC and the computers in the study area across the hall from the MRC, you can select from the links below to help answer any of your questions.

Video Editing
Audio Editing
Logic Pro (Audio Lab only)
Other Software


In the MRC while working on your project if you save to the server it means that you can then access that project on any computer in the MRC lab and across the hall on the MACs in the study area. The link below explains how to save your work to the server.

Saving to the Server

More Help

Still need help? See our Media Lab Frequently Asked Questions.

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