Finding Clarinet Music: Browse Shelves and Online

Browse Online by Subject

In the online catalog, the SUBJECT searches below will yield books and music concerning the clarinet (this is not a complete list):

If you find a piece you want in the online catalog, go to the "Full Record" display and click on the hyperlinked Subject to see other similar works. A complete list of subject headings can be found in Music Subject Headings, which is bound in red and kept on the index table in the Reference Room. Clarinet subject headings begin on page 148.

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Browse the Shelves

Because printed music and books are classified - that is, grouped with similar items on the shelf - browsing can be an effective method for finding what you want.

If you're looking for clarinet music in a particular medium, these classifications can guide you as you browse the shelves (this is not a complete list):

By Library of Congress Call Number:

M70+ Solo clarinet music
M250+ Clarinet and piano music
M288+ Wind duets
M291+ Clarinet and violin music, also clarinet and violoncello music
M298+ Clarinet and percussion music
M356+ Wind trios
M457.2+ Wind quartets
M557+ Wind quintets
M1024 Clarinet concertos with orchestra or chamber orchestra


Clarinet concertos with string orchestra

ML Literature (books) on music
Ref. ML128.C4 Bibliographies of chamber music
Ref. ML128.C58 Bibliographies of clarinet music
Ref. ML128.W5    Bibliographies of woodwind ensembles
Ref. ML132 Graded lists of music
ML410 Composer biographies
ML945 Clarinet history and criticism


Books about chamber music

MT Music instruction and study
MT140+ Analytical guides for chamber music
MT380+ Clarinet instruction and study (Method books)
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