Classics 089 - 001 FYS:The Politics of Persuasion in the Ancient and Modern Worlds (Prof. Luca Grillo) Fall, 2013

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It is possible to search for collections of speeches in a variety of ways.  The main subject terms for speeches are "speeches, addresses"  and/or "oratory" (although "oratory" may retrieve discussions of rhetorical style as well as speeches). These may be combined with people (e.g., Lincoln), topics (e.g., civil rights), or various groups (e.g., women). 

Useful Series: "Great Speeches Series" (Streaming video)

                        "Landmark Speeches"

Potentially Useful Library of Congress Subjects for Rhetoric & Speeches

L.C. Call Numbers

This Library of Congress Classification Outline holds true for any library in the world using the LC system. For example,  American History will be classed  in the Es & Fs.  Classical Rhetoric & Oratory will often be classed in the PAs (Classical languages & literatures).

Martin Luther King at the Lincoln Memorial/I Have a Dream Speech

(image may be subject to copyright)

Abraham Lincoln/Reading of the Gettysburg Address

(Image may be subject to copyright)

John F. Kennedy/Inaugural Address 20 January, 1961

(image may be subject to copyright)

Mark Anthony (Marlon Brando)/Speech from Julius Caesar

(Image may be subject to copyright)

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