Drama 287 - 001: African American Theatre (Prof. Kathy Perkins) Fall 2013

Black Drama (Plays)

See Drama 287 Syllabus for additional anthologies of African American plays. 

Literary Criticism/Historical Analysis

Example of a Scholarly Article 

If you need to find a database for a specific subject (e.g., English Literature/Comparative Literarture), search E-Research Tools by Subject, and try the "Recommended Databases."  See also the list of databases for Dramatic Art.

Contemporary Theatre Journals

American Theatre (online: 1992 - present)
Davis Library (7th floor) PN2000 .A437 (print: 1984 - present)

 Black Masks (1984 - present)

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Websites (from Dama 287 Syllabus)

Dutchman Amiri Baraka/ Video

(Image may be subject to copyright)

Anna Deavere Smith Fires in the Mirror/Excerpt

(image may be subject to copyright)

August WilsonThe Piano Lessson/Prison Work Song

(Image may be subject to copyright)

Kia Corthron/Women in Theatre Interview

(Image may be subject to copyright)

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