Ebooks: Using ebooks (EPUB & Apps)

Information on finding and using ebooks through the UNC Libraries

Using an ebook with an ereader (EPUB and apps)

Most ereaders (with the notable exception of the Kindle) use EPUB as their default file format.  A small but growing number of our ebooks are available in this format.  Although you cannot specifically search for them, you may encounter some EPUB titles as you search or browse our ebook collections.  

If you download one of our EPUB titles, you will have access to it for two weeks.  After that period expires, you will have to download the book again to continue reading it.

Please refer to the following for instructions on how to transfer an EPUB file to your ereader.

Kindle 2nd Generation
Kindle DX
Kindle Fire

Kindles do not recognize EPUB files.  If you want to read an EPUB title on your Kindle, you can use Calibre to convert the EPUB into a format compatible with the Kindle.

Note: The EPUB file must be DRM-free.  

Nook Simple Touch
Nook Color

These do support EPUB.

For instructions, see here (#11 under Managing Your Library) for Nook Simple Touch, and  here (#12 under Library) for Nook Color.


This does support EPUB.

You can add EPUB books to your iPad via iTunes, but the EPUB file must be DRM-free.  To transfer the EPUB from your computer to your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Download iBooks app 
  2. Connect your iPad to your computer
  3. Open iTunes on your computer
  4. Drag EPUB file into Books (left side of the screen, under Library)
  5. Sync your computer with iTunes

Using an ebook with a Mobile App

Mobile apps provide another option for users who want to access ebooks on their tablets and smartphones.  Most apps will require an initial on-campus authentication.

Examples include:

Ebrary (Available for Apple and Android)

EBSCO (Available for Apple and Android)

Safari Books (Available for Apple; Android app in development)