Ebooks: Finding ebooks

Information on finding and using ebooks through the UNC Libraries

Finding ebooks by Title or Author

Ebooks can easily be found in the catalog by search for the title or author, then narrowing your search to only ebooks:

  1. Seach the UNC Libraries Catalog for the book title or author.
    **Note that the catalog has a drop-down filer to limit your search to words in titles.

  2. Look for a record in the search results labeled [electronic resource].  

  3. Click the link at the bottom of the record labeled "Full text available" to go to the book

Finding ebooks by Topic

If you don't know a specific book, but you'd like to find out what ebooks are available for a topic, you can use keywords:

  1. Search the UNC Libraries Catalog using words that describe your subject.
    **Note that the catalog has a drop-down filter to limit your search to words in subject headings.

  2. Find "Refine Your Search" options on the left of the screen.

  3. Click Electronic Book so that only ebooks will show in the results. 

Browsing ebooks in Databases

You may also browse ebook collections in individual databases.  Most of the databases allow you to browse through all titles, while some do require you to search for a keyword, author, or title.  Keep in mind that in some databases, UNC will not have full-text access to all ebooks listed.

Start at http://eresources.lib.unc.edu/ebook/, then choose the database you'd like to browse. 

This page also lists any important things you need to know about individual databases.  For instance, if there are a limited number of users allowed at one time, or if you need to register with the database before accessing an ebook.