Ebooks: Troubleshooting

Information on finding and using ebooks through the UNC Libraries

Troubleshooting FAQ

Here are some answers to the most frequent problems that occur with ebooks at UNC:

    • When I try to access the ebook, it says it is in use. What’s going on?

           Some ebooks at UNC Libraries have a limit on the number of users that can access the ebook at one time. If you get a message like this, try accessing the ebook again later. If you still cannot access the ebook, contact a librarian.

  • When I follow a link to an ebook, I end up on an error page or somewhere else that doesn’t show the ebook. What is going wrong?

     There might be several reasons why this happened. The most common one is there is something in your browser like a cookie or setting that could be preventing the ebook from displaying or downloading correctly. Try clearing your cookies and restarting your browser, or try using a different browser to view your ebook. There might also be a problem with the ebook itself. If restarting your browser does not fit this problem, please contact the Library.

    How to clear your cookies:
    Google Chrome                              Internet Explorer                             Apple Safari                             Mozilla Firefox

  • Why won’t the PDF for an ebook show up on my mac?

     If PDF pages won’t load in the browser on your mac, you may need to install a plugin. Go to Schubert|it’s site (http://www.schubert-it.com/downloads/) and install the latest version of their PDF Browser Plugin. Restart your browser to finish the process.