English 489 - 001: THE NEW WARS (Prof. Neel Ahuja), Fall 2013

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Searching the Catalog

To identify germane subject headings, first do a logical keyword search in the catalog, then find one or two relevant titles and look at the full records to determine the subject headings assigned to them.  Try searching those headings to expand your search.  If there is no one subject heading that incorporates all the disparate elements of your search, you will at least have determined the subject terminolgy. Sometimes, however, keywords or keyword phrases may still be the most productive.

Keyord Search:    9/11 terorism

Subject Heading: September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001

Keyword Search: rendition

Subject Heading: Extraordinary rendition -- United States

Keyword Phrase: "transnational violence"

Potentially Useful Library of Congress Subject Headings:

L.C. Call Nos.

This Library of Congress Classification Outline holds true for any library in the world using the LC system. Political Science will be classed in the JsMilitary Science in the Us, & Naval Science in the Vs.

Afghanistan Weighs Ban...

(Image may be subject to copyright)

Army Artists Look at the War on Terrorism

(Image may be subject to copyright)

Theives of Baghdad/NPR Clip on Matthew Bogdanos

(Image may be subject to copyright)

Women in Combat/CBS News Report

(Image may be subject to copyright)

NATO Bombings/Noam Chomsky Analysis

(Image may be subject to copyright)

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