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Foreign and International Law Guide

This guide contains information about foreign, regional, and international legal materials.

What Is in This Guide?

Image of World Map"Political World Map" by Ionut Cojocaru - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Foreign and International Law Guide

This guide contains information about finding and researching law other than the law of the United States.  This kind of law falls into several categories.  Foreign law refers to laws of other countries outside the United States or other country of residence.  When these laws are being compared, it is called comparative law.  International law refers to laws that govern the interactions between nations.  "Public international law governs the relationships between national governments and intergovernmental organizations ... [and] regulates governments and intergovernmental organizations across national boundaries," and "private international law (often referred to as 'conflict of laws') governs the choice of law to apply when there are conflicts in the domestic law of different nations related to private transactions between those nations" (Source: International Legal Research Tutorial).  In addition, there are regional organizations that govern legal interactions between countries that are members of the regional organization.  This guide covers the following topics:

Other Law Library Foreign & International Law Research Guides

Below are links to other foreign and/or international law research guides created by other law schools that may be useful.  Although some the information is about resources at their institutions, the researcher can search for these resources in the UNC catalog if interested.