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the library guide on Korean Media Resources aims to connect you with media resources related to Korea available at UNC at Chapel Hill.
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Documentary Films

English Title Korean Title  Call No. Description  year
Dooman River  두만강 Tuman'gang  65-DVD14127 This fascinating window into a rarely seen corner of rural China revolves around 12-year-old Chang-ho, living with his grandfather and mute sister along the frozen river-border with North Korea. Although fraught with unemployment and other tensions, his community seems sympathetic toward the Korean refugees fleeing famine and misery; Chang-ho even bonds over soccer with one young border-crosser who comes scavenging food for a sibling. But he soon turns on his new friend as suspicions mount against the illegal immigrants and his sister reels from unexpected aggression, provoking a quandary over his loyalties in an exquisitely detailed story of compassion and strife across an uneasy geopolitical border. 2011
The Border City 경계도시 Kyŏnggye tosi   In 2003 Song Du-yul, a philosophy professor, decides to go back to his homeland after spending thirty-seven years in Germany. Within a week after crossing the border, his reputation falls from a respected global political figure to an infamous communist spy. During a five-year-long trial, he was arrested and held in custody. This throws Korean society into turmoil and brings a big conflict between the Conservative and the Progressive parties. The filmmaker calmly contemplates this long period of the incident in detail and depicts a society with an indifferent manner. The story builds through an accretion of whimsical facts and it sometimes brings up uncomfortable truths which will irritate viewers. This film is a camera inside of us that evokes what viewers may have tried to forget. Written by Pusan International Film Festival    2010
Old Partner 워낭소리 Wŏnang sori  65-DVD11828 This film captures a touching and close relationship between an elderly farmer Choi and his old cow. Choi suffered from poliomyelitis as a child; with an atrophied leg it has always been difficult for him to even walk without a cane. For 30 years, the ox pulled a cart which Choi used as transportation to and from the farm, and helped him to plough the farm even when it was too frail to walk. The pair was like father and son -- their vigorous bonding was developed through life-long companionship. Even though the old cow can't help him as before, the cow is still his best helper and best friend. One day, a doctor diagnoses the cow with cancer, and they only have one year left together.

This documentary is about friendship between nearly 80-year-old farmer Mr. Ch'oe and about 40-year-old ox
One day on the road  어느 날 그 길에서 Ŏnŭ nal kŭ kilesŏ   65-DVD10497 "Roads criss cross our landscape, making it convenient for human beings to travel. However, countless creatures also die as a result of these roads. This piece documents South Korea's first in-depth study of 'road kill.' It shows how drivers, who race along these roads, destroy animals' natural habitats and kill them in road accidents. Adopting an environmentalist point-of-view, this film questions the economic logic that girds development." 2009
Night before the strike  파업전야 P'aŏp chŏnya   Dongsŏng Metal employs over 200 impecunious workers at its production plant. One day, a new worker named Chu Wan-ik joins the Forging Team, and the team members welcome him with drinks and good cheer. Han-su, who is also a member of the Forging Team, longs to shake off the insufferable shackles of poverty. His dream, which he is determined to realize, is to work hard, save, and become rich someday. But to the management, the workers are mere machines that are unfortunately prone to breakage. Director Kim meticulously lays down his plans against the impending unionization of his laborers, and Han-su is recruited by his manager to stand on the side of the company.  2008
Annyŏng, sayonara  안녕 사요나라 Annyŏng, sayonara  65-DVD11879
Documentary about opposition to the controversial Yakusuni Shrine in Tokyo. Many Japanese regard it as a holy place to honor their war dead, but people from other Asian countries which were invaded by the Japanese see it as a symbol of Japan's justifying imperalist oppression. Lee Hee-ja is a Korean woman whose father died fighting in the Japanese army and is enshrined at Yakusuni. She files a lawsuit against the Japanese government asking them to withdraw her father's enshrinement. Furukawa Masaki is a Japanese man from Kobe who is trying to make his country take responsibility for the war it waged. The two have been fighting together against the Yakusuni Shrine since 2001 and the film tells the story of their fight and their personal relationship
None between  사이에서 Sai esŏ 65-DVD11852 One day, a woman named Inhee visited a well-known shaman, Hyekyung. Hearing Inhee's recent symptoms, Hyekyung expected Inhee to be a possessed psychic medium. Inhee tried to deny her destiny, but by encountering a few people's sorrowful cases, she has acknowledged her fate as a shaman. 2007
The murmuring (2007) 낮은 목소리 1 Najŭn moksori. 1  65-DVD10297
"Every Wednesday noon, the comfort women and their supporters take place a protest against the Japanese government for whole-hearted compensation and official apology to Koean women who lived as slaves as the comfort women drawn by Japanese imperial military during the World War II. ... A house called Nanum in Seoul is where these 6 grandmothers with the same experiences of past live together."--Container. 
It goes on: the underdocumented
       is documented 
계속 된다 Kyesok toenda 65-DVD11878 Documentary film about foreign workers' unfair labor practices and their human rights in Korea  2006
Repatriation  송환 Song-hwan  
In the spring of 1992, Kim Dong-won, the film's director, met two long-term political prisoners who were charged with being communist spies from North Korea. During their 30 years in jail, the prisoners never gave up their allegiance to communism and North Korea. When they were finally released from prison, they began living in the Kim's neighborhood, and he became quite close with one of the prisoners, Cho Chang-son. Kim's film documents the former prisoners' return to mainstream Korean society and their campaign for repatriation
Five is too many  다섯은 너무 많아 Tasŏt ŭn nŏmu mana   Runaway child Dong-kyu wishes to make money by reporting on companies that use illegal disposable goods. One day Dong-kyu takes a picture of a takeout counter where Si-nae works. As he runs away, Si-nae throws a stone at him, knocking him to the ground. When Dong-kyu regains consciousness, he claims he can’t remember anything, and immediately takes shelter at Si-nae’s place. A witty film that handles the serious subject of domestic tensions with a disarming sense of humor and humanity.
Sanggye dong Olympics  상계동 올림픽 Sanggye-dong ollimp'ik   When it was decided that the 88 Olympics would be held in Seoul, the residents of Sanggye-dong were forced from their homes and they struggled against the government to at least guarantee them new residences. The director filmed the difficulties and the hardships of the relocated residents while living with them for three years between the years 1986 - 1988.
Sanggye-dong Olympic was the first Korean movie that was Invited to the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and initiated a new era in Korean documentaries, widening the areas in which the independent film could explore.
Habitual sadness
낮은 목소리2 Nazzen moksorī 2  65-V8627 Sang-hyun is a priest working for a hospital. He selflessly volunteers for a secret vaccine development project intended to eradicate a deadly virus. However, the virus eventually takes over the priest. He nearly dies, but makes a miraculous recovery after receiving an accidental transfusion of vampire blood. He quickly realizes his sole reason for living involves taking the pleasures of the flesh. He struggles to control his insatiable thirst for blood until a love affair unleashes his darkest desires in deadly new ways. 1997

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