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Lara Handler, MSLS: Library Liaison for the School of Medicine

Office Hours

Personalized help is available by appointment for both online and in-person consultations.


Before coming to the UNC Health Sciences Library, Lara worked in health sciences libraries such as the Environmental Protection Agency Library and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Library.

She is the liaison to UNC's School of Medicine and teaches searching and information literacy classes to medical students and to users of the HSL.

Her interests include working on literature searching and evidence-based practice with researchers, faculty, staff, and students in the health sciences and medical fields.

MSLS, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research & Presentations

Research Interests:
Systematic review searching, Evidence-based practice, Clinical and academic research

Recent Publications:

Flythe JE, Powell JD, Poulton CJ, Westreich KD, Handler L, Reeve BB, Carey TS. "Patient-reported outcome instruments for physical symptoms among patients receiving maintenance dialysis: a systematic review." American Journal of Kidney Diseases: the Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation 2015 Jul 23. Epub ahead of print.

Parad A, Leonard E, Handler L. "Exercise and pregnancy loss." American Family Physician 2015;91(7):437-438.

Dancel R, Mounsey A, Handler L. "Medications for treatment of interstitial cystitis." American Family Physician 2015;91(2):116-118.

Mount H, Vincent E, Handler L. "Self-administered GBS testing in pregnant women." American Family Physician 2014;90(10):729-730.

Skowronek I, Mounsey A, Handler L. "Clinical Inquiry: Can yoga reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression?" The Journal of Family Practice 2014;63(7):398-407.

Jones C, Handler L, Crowell, K, Keil L, Weaver M, Platts-Mills T. "Nonpublication of large randomized clinical trials: cross-sectional analysis." BMJ 2013.347:16104.

Crowell K., Renner B., Ladd R., Richardson L., Silbajoris C., Handler L. "Listening to YOUR HEALTH: Librarians and Physicians Collaborating on the Radio and Online Journal of Hospital Librarianship 2013;13(3):258-69.

Handler L. Clinical Inquiry: which treatments help women with reduced libido? J Fam Pract. 2013;62(2):102-3. PubMed Abstract

Handler L, Crowell K, Renner B, Silbajoris C, Blackwell J, Ladd R. On the air: librarians and doctors using the radio to communicate with listeners about health. Paper presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association. Seattle, WA.

Handler L. Student preference and satisfaction with online library instruction: a five year study. Poster presented at the 2012 Librarians' Association of UNC-Chapel Hill Research Forum. Chapel Hill, NC.

Kucharska-Newton A, Jones S, Kalbaugh C, O'Brien E, Patel M, Rosamunc L, Fares W, Platts-Mills T. Gender differences in functional status following myocardial infarction: a systematic review of the literature. Poster prsented at the American Heart Association Quality of Care and Outcomes Research 2012 Scientific Sessions. Atlanta, GA.

Handler L, Renner B, Silbajoris C, Blackwell J, Crowell J, Ladd R. Capitalizing on our strengths to improve the public's understanding of health information through the radio. Poster presentation at 2011 Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Chapel Hill, NC. Presentation link

Handler L, Hayes B, Main L. Co-streaming classes: a follow-up study in improving the user experience to better reach users. Med Ref Serv Q. 2011;30(4):349-56. PubMed Abstract

Handler L. Live and online: using co-streaming to reach users. Med Ref Serv Q. 2011;30(2):120-9. PubMed Abstract

Handler L, Hayes B, Main L. Co-streaming classes: improving new ways to reach users. Paper presentation at 2010 Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association. Chapel Hill, NC. Presentation link.

Handler L. Live and online: using multiple formats to teach users. Poster presented at 2010 MLA Meeting, Washington, DC. Poster link

Handler L, Vaughan KT, Lackey M. Hidden treasures: librarian office hours for three health sciences schools. Med Ref Serv Q. 2009 Oct;28(4):336-50. PubMed Abstract

Handler L, Jenkins C. Connecting and captivating with first year medical students. Poster presented at 2008 American Association of Medical Colleges meeting, San Antonio, Texas.