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A guide to researching illuminated manuscripts and how to locate manuscript facsimiles in the Sloane Art Library.

What is in this guide?

Alternative TextThis guide is intended to help scholars researching illuminated manuscripts by providing them with a way to locate facsimiles of their manuscript and materials related to their work.  It also provides links to some resources and information outside of our collections.

This guide currently contains the most recent list of the Sloane Art Library's manuscript facsimiles.  This portion of the guide may change as we work on developing better ways of reliably discovering these materials.

In this guide (and in the tabs above), you'll find:

  • How to find a facsimile - Hints and tips on finding facsimiles in our collection, and a working definition of a manuscript facsimile
  • Digital facsimiles - A guide to some of the digital manuscript facsimiles available online
  • Other resources - Other books and websites that may be useful in studying illuminated manuscripts
  • Art library facsimiles - Links to facsimiles in the art library collection, arranged by manuscript type

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