Finding Maps and Data for African Studies: Find Data & Gov. Docs.

Davis Library Research Hub

Davis Library Research HubThe Davis Library Research Hub is one of three Research Hub locations.  It is located on the second floor of Davis Library, and caters to researchers interested in working with data, mapping, texts, and technology. Offerings include:

  • A computing lab with specialized software for GIS and data visualization & analysis.
  • Walk-in assistance provided by knowledgeable student consultants. 
  • Scheduled consultations with specialists for more in-depth inquiries (GIS and others).
  • The Liquid Galaxy digital Earth display, available for exploration any time the Library is open.
  • Spaces for collaboration and presentation, complete with white boards and external displays.
  • Technology workshops and programs that promote digital scholarship.

Numeric Data

You may also want to check whether a particular country has a statistical agency similar to the U.S.'s Census Bureau.  Such agencies often provide rich data resources on their web sites.

Statistics in Print

US - Africa Relations

National & International Data Resources

International Resources 

Department of State Docs. at Davis Lib.

  • Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets
  • Country Reports on Human Rights
  • Country Reports on Terrorism
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, since 1861
  • FRUS and U.S. Treaties: basement rows 140-141

  • CIA research reports, Africa, 1946-1976

  • Congressional publications online
  • UN documents online 
  • Treaties (Hein Online)
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) daily reports
  • Joint Publications Research Service Reports (JPRS)
  • Digital National Security Archive
  • Declassified Documents Reference System: online 
  • Liberation Movement in Africa and African America 
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