JOMC 716: Research Methods (and Beyond!)

Scholarly Articles

Search: Choosing Databases in EBSCO

Brief description of databases in EBSCO. Focus on Communication & Mass Media Complete - best place to start!

Want to skip the video?  Look at the PowerPoint slides on Slideshare.

  • Also consider:
  • Use EBSCO's Choose Database » link to search these and related databases
  • Last stop: Web of Science. Good place to search last. Find more articles; slightly tricky to use.

Search: Understanding Results in EBSCO

Learn to "look outside the box" with EBSCO results.

Pay attention to

  • Number of results
  • Date range of articles found
  • Sort order (default = relevance)

Additional tips:

  • Click on the yellow article icon to read the abstract (or click on the title of the article)
  • Use Find @ UNC to track down full-text of articles that don't have a pdf icon. 
  • (Watch the Find @ UNC vidtip to learn more)

Find @ UNC: Getting the Full-text of Articles

Use Find @ UNC to get full-text of articles!  Find @ UNC

Free to UNC students with valid ONYEN.

Quick Tips

  • Look for this icon Find @ UNC in all UNC-Chapel Hill search engines / databases
  • Click on the icon to see if / where UNC has the article available online
  • Click the "Article" link on the left to get to the full-text
  • If you see a note that says "We're sorry, the full text isn't available online," 
    • Look for the "Request this Item (2-3 days)  Interlibrary Loan / Campus Delivery line below."
    • Click on "Interlibrary Loan / Campus Delivery" and login with your ONYEN & password at the green "Account Login" Account Login button.
    • If you haven't done this before, click on the blue "Create An Account" Create An Account button.   Ask Stephanie or Julia if you get stuck here.
    • Your article will most likely be made available online within 2-3 days -- you'll get an email when it's ready.