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Measure Your Research Impact: Author Identifiers

Learn how to measure the impact of your research.

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Learn More About Author Identifiers

What are Author Identifiers?

Author identifiers are unique identifiers that allow authors distinguish themselves from other researchers and to unambiguously associate themselves with their work. 

Author ambiguity in the scholarly community is a persistent problem due to:

  • One author publishing under multiple variations of the same name
  • Common names
  • Name changes, e.g. marriage
  • Cultural differences in naming


  Distinguish Yourself!                     

Comparison of Author Identifiers


(Open Researcher & Contributor ID)

ResearcherID Scopus Author Identifier
What is it?

Persistent digital identifiers for researchers

Free alphanumeric author identifier, online community and search system Automatically generated identifier number within Scopus
Integrated with... Open, non-profit community effort that has partnered with multiple universities, commercial research organizations, national agencies, publishers and professional societies Web of Knowledge
Create your own profile?   Yes Yes No, but can request to merge profiles if you have multiple Author Identifiers
How do I add publications to my profile?

 Import from partner organizations, e.g. Web of Science, Scopus

Enter manually

Search Web of Knowledge, Web of Science or your EndNote Web library

Upload RIS file

You can only request that changes be made to your profile

Add external identifiers, e.g. ResearcherID, Scopus Author Identifier

Link to other systems or profiles, e.g. Google Scholar, LinkedIn

You choose what information to make public

Provides citation metrics for Web of Knowledge publications

Registered and non-registered users can search for and view author profiles

Labs tools allow you to view your collaboration and citing article networks

You choose what information to make public


Provides citation metrics


Best used for...

Managing research activities and author identifiers in one place

Grant and manuscript submissions: several publishers and funding organizations have implemented or are planning to implement ORCID

Organizing and tracking publications

Allows others to easily locate your publications in Web of Knowledge databases

Ensures that your publications are properly attributed in Scopus

Allows others to easily locate your publications in Scopus

Where can I get it? Register for free at ORCID Register for free at ResearcherID

Check profile at Scopus

Follow these instructions for requesting corrections to your profile

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