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How to Use Gfk MRI University Reporter  video from University of Binghamton. 

How to read a Mediamark Reporter report | Business Blog from Ohio University.

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More information from Gfk about their data

  • Definitions of MRI terms
  • Gfk MRI Codebooks
    A list of all the variables that are measured and released in the study.
  • Psychographic Sourcebook
    A Guide to the Attitudinal Questions and Consumer Segmentations Available in Survey of the American Consumer® & Teenmark® & The American Kids Study®

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How To Read the Demographic Section of a product Report

Total ’000:
Estimated total US population as determined by MRI+ in thousands was 232,469,000

Asterisk(*): The asterisk denotes a sample size that consists of less than 50 respondents. Data is unreliable and unusable.
Proj’000: Projected owners of the product category.

% Detail: The Percent of people with a certain characteristic that own this product. Example, of men 25-34, 11.8% own this product. The percent is calculated by dividing Proj ’000 in the row by the total ’000 value in the base column or (4921/41810)*100.

% Target: The number of users that have a given characteristic as a percentage of personal owners of any MP3 player. Example, of the total population owning an Mp3 player 72.% are between the age of 18-49. The percent is calculated by dividing the Proj ’000 value in the row by the Proj ’000 value in the base row or (15947/21868)*100.

Index: The Index baseline=100. Numbers greater than 100 are more likely to be owners than the general population. Numbers less than 100 are less likely to be owners than the general population. The percent is calculated by dividing the percent across in the row by by the percent across in the base row. Example Post Grads have an index of 169 or (15.9/9.4)*100.

How to Read The Media Section of A Product Report

Quintiles & Terciles: Groupings of media users divided according to their heaviness of use. For example 1=heaviest viewers/readers/listeners, 2=moderate, 3=average, all the way up to 5 being light.

Quintile & Terciles data is used when determining which media or combination of media to use. The goal is to create a media schedule that brings up the average use level of the lowest quintile. An ideal media plan is to find media or a combination that have the least difference in average use between high and low quintiles.

from How to Create and Read MRI+ Mediamark Reports » BU Libraries | Boston University

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