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Basic Editing in Adobe Premiere

This video shows how to preform basic video editing using Adobe Premiere and includes how to slow down or speed up a clip, how to change their position and scale, use video and audio transitions, add text, layer video and audio clips and fade them in and out. Adobe Premiere is available for use in the Media Lab at the Media Resources Center.

Recording A Voiceover in Adobe Premiere Pro

Connect a USB mic to the computer

Open System Preferences. Under Sound, set your Output to “headphones,” and set your Input to “USB”

Open Adobe Premiere Pro.

In Premiere Pro > Preferences > Audio Hardware, change the setting to Default Device "System Default Input/Output" and click OK.

 In your timeline, right-click on the audio track header on the left, and select Add Tracks…

In the Add Tracks menu, set the placement of the track and change the track type to Mono. Click Ok.


In the Source Viewer, go to the Audio Mixer tab. On the track you just created (Audio 1 on the far left), click R to enable recording on this track.


At the bottom of this window, click the Record button to enable recording globally. You will see a region appear on the audio track you selected to record.



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