Adobe Premiere Pro: Export

Export a Movie from Adobe Premiere Pre

When you have finished editing your project, follow these steps to export into a final video file. 

  1. Once you have finished editing and you are ready to export, click the timeline to make this the active window.
  2. Go to File> ExportMedia and this screen will appear:
  3. Change the Source Range at the bottom from "Work Area” to “Entire Sequence” unless you know for sure that you need to make a different selection.
  4. Change the Format,
    • If you want to publish your video online via Youtube, Vimeo, etc.:
      • Change Format from "Quicktime" to "H.264"
      • Change the Preset to Youtube SD Widescreen 480p 29.97 (or another Youtube Preset that best matches the settings of your project)
    • If you want to burn your video to a DVD:
      • Change Format from "Quicktime" to "MPEG-2 DVD" 
    • If you want to upload your video to Instagram:
      • Change Format to "Quicktime"
      • The Preset doesn't matter; we will create a customized Preset. Select the Video tab under Export Settings. Select the following settings:
        • Video Codec: H.264
        • Quality: 100
        • Width: 640
        • Height: 640 (You will need to de-select the chain link box next to Width and Height).
        • Frame Rate: 29.97
        • Field Order: Progressive
        • Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
      • Check the box for "Render at Maximum Depth"
      • Under Bit Rate Settings, check the box for "Limit Data Rate" and set to 5,000 kbps. You may want to increase this if your video contains a lot of movement.


  • Select the Audio Tab. Select the following settings:
    • Audio Codec: AAC
    • Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    • Channels: Mono


  • For all other exporting needs, the media lab attendant can help you find the correct Format.

     5. Change Output Name by clicking the highlighted name, and designate a location to save the final video. You can also change   the name of your video if you want.

     6. Click Export at the bottom. When this process is done, your video file will be where you told it to save in step 5. 


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