Adobe Premiere Pro: Export

Export a Movie from Adobe Premiere Pro

When you have finished editing your project, follow these steps to export into a final video file. 

1. Click the timeline to make this the active window.

2. Go to File> ExportMedia and this screen will appear:



3. Change the Source Range at the bottom left to “Entire Sequence."

4. Change the Format:

The default format, "Quicktime," will save your video as an .mov file. For an .mp4 file, change the format to "H.264."

  • If you want to publish your video online via Youtube, Vimeo, etc.:
    • Set the Format to "H.264."
    • Set the Preset to a Youtube preset that best matches the settings of your project.
  • If you want to burn your video to a DVD:
    • Set the Format to "MPEG-2 DVD." 
  • If you want to upload your video to Instagram:
    • Set the Format to "Quicktime."

5. Change Output Name by clicking the blue text to designate a save location and name for your file.

6. Optional steps for a better quality export: Under the Video tab, check the box for "Render at Maximum Depth" and set Bitrate Encoding to "VBR, 2 pass." Then check "Use Maximum Render Quality" below. Note: These settings are optional and they will increase the time it takes to export your project. 

7. Click Export at the bottom right. When this process is done, your video file will be where you saved it in step 5. 


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