Adobe Premiere Pro: Import Video

Importing Footage from the Canon VIXIA M400

This video covers the how to import video from a Canon VIXIA M400 onto a computer. There are several Canon VIXIA M400s available for checkout at the Media Resources Center.

Importing Footage from a Panasonic HMC40

This video covers the how to import video shot on a Panasonic HMC40 onto a computer. You can check out a Panasonic HMC40 from the Media Resources Center.

Import Video from a DVD or VHS

To import video from a DVD, see this video demonstration to see how to use HandBrake to extract clips from DVDs and use them in Premiere.

To import video from VHS, see this tutorial on how to use the DV decks at each Media Lab station to digitize the footage and use in Premiere. 

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