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What Is Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a high-resolution, timeline-based editing software that allows users to edit video and audio. As part of the Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere Pro is designed for workflow integration with other programs available in the MRC-- including After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

What Is in this Guide

Create a New Project - Introduction to the interface of Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software, including how to create a new project in Premiere

Import Video - How to import video footage into Adobe Premiere Pro from the Canon VIXIA M400 and Panasonic HMC40 video cameras, or from VHS and DVD formats. 

Import Audio - How to import audio files from the Zoom H4 audio recorder, and how to record a voiceover directly tto Adobe Premiere Pro

Edit - Introduction to the basic editing functions of Adobe Premiere Pro, including scene selection, cutting and editing footage, audio levels, clip speed and position, video and audio transitions, titles, and credits

Export - How to export final video footage into DVD or online formats

Video Demonstration - How to extract video footage from a DVD into Adobe Premiere Pro, create a voiceover track for that footage, and export the final product into a format compatible with Wordpress

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