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This tutorial introduces the equipment available in the MRC Audio Lab and demonstrates its basic set up.

Audio Lab Equipment Setup

Configuring the PreSonus Monitor Station for audio output:

1. Select “Speaker A” under the “Select Speaker” label.
2. Select “ST1” and “AUX” under the “Main Source” label.
3. Select “ST1” under the “Cue Source” label.

To output audio through the lab’s external speakers:

1. Set volume for “A” above “Speaker Level Adjust.”
2. Set level under “Aux Input.”
3. Set the large volume level knob in the bottom center section of the monitor to adjust speaker volume. Remember, you’re in a library! 

To output audio through one or more headphones:

1. Set level under “Aux Input.”
2. Connect headphones to the headphone inputs and press the “Source” button to set it in the raised position.
3. Set volume levels under headphone inputs.

To use the Audio Lab’s microphone for audio input:

1. See the guide for the Behringer mixer posted in the audio lab.
2. Be sure all of the dials on the mixer are set to the correct positions as detailed on the guide. The microphone should be connected to input 1 on the top left corner of the mixer.

To use an external microphone for audio input:

1. Connect the external microphone via USB. The red lamp light should be on.
2. To adjust the volume level of the mic - open the computer’s system preferences. Select sound, then input. Select “C-Media USB…” and adjust your input volume.
3. Select the USB mic as your audio input in the program you’re using. For example, in Adobe Audition select the Adobe Audition CC menu. Then Preferences and Audio Hardware… to set your audio input.

Audio Lab Mixer Setup


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