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Covert Windows Media (wmv) to MPEG4

To use Windows Media files on a Mac, you will need to convert these files into something the Mac software can read. You can use Handbrake for this task. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Handbrake.
  2. Select a file to open and convert. If you are not prompted to open a file, click ‘Source’ in the panel at the top of Handbrake, then choose a file.
  3. Drag the ‘Constant Quality’ slider to 100%.
  4. In the ‘Destination’ field, tell the file where to save, and give it a name. Click ‘Browse’ for more control.
  5. Click ‘Start’ on the panel on the top, OR click ‘Add to Queue.’
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 till all the files you want to convert are in the queue, then click ‘Show Queue’ and click ‘Start’ in the queue window.

Convert Other Formats

You can use Toast for lots of simple tasks. One thing Toast is good for is converting .MTS files from the MRC’s AVCHD cameras into something Final Cut Pro or iMovie can use, if you no longer have the entire hierarchical structure from the camera.

To prepare your footage, follow these steps:

  • Open Toast. Toast is the icon on your dock that looks like a toaster with a CD in it.
  • Click on the fifth tab on the upper left corner of Toast’s main window. This tab has an icon of an iPod.
  • Click on Video Files, just below the tab in the last step.
  • Do either of the following:
    • (1) Click “Add” on the bottom of the window. Then, select any video files you would like to convert.
    • (2) From the Finder, drag any .MTS files you would like to convert into the main part of Toast’s window where it says “Drag video files into this area.”
  • Click the big red button in the bottom right corner of Toast’s main window.

Now you must choose what format Toast should convert your media to. Instructions for iMovie are first. Skip ahead if you want to convert MTS files for Final Cut Pro.

Settings to use for iMovie:

Device: Digital Video (DV)

Quality: 16:9 if your video is widescreen (all of MRC’s cameras shoot in widescreen), or 4:3 if you know your footage is not widescreen.

Save To: Your folder on the Save Disk

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