Converting Media: Copy Media

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Copy VHS to DVD

  • You will want to use Duplication Station A.
  • Find the machine labeled GoVideo, and turn it on. Turn on the TV next to it.
  • Insert your VHS into the VCR and cue it up to where you want to start recording.
  • Insert a blank DVD in the DVD drive.
  • Switch back to VCR mode using the remote and press play.
  • Immediately press the Copy button on the front of the machine.
  • There will be a dialog box asking that you want to copy from tape to DVD. Okay this message using the remote
  • While it is copying you should see the word REC illuminated on the front of the machine (small, upper-right).
  • When you are finished, hit stop, and finalize your disc using the remote and the instructions taped to the top of the machine


  • You can use Duplication Station A or B
  • Turn on the Copy Master (large black tower)
  • The display should say “1. Copy”, hit Enter
  • The display will say “Load and Copy”, hit Enter
  • The display will say “Counter: no Counter”, hit Enter
  • The display will say “Preparing…Waiting for Master”. Insert your Master copy in the top disk drive
  • The display will say “Preparing…Waiting for Blanks”. Insert your blank disk(s) (they should be the same format as the master) in the drives below
  • The display will say “__ disks detected, Go?”, hit Enter
  • When the machine is done loading your master it will pop out, when it is done copying your blanks, they will pop out

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