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Digitize Footage from Videocamera

If you want to digitize Hi-8, Digital-8, VHS-C, or have brought in your personal video camera, please read on:


  • Ask the Lab Attendant for the appropriate video camera from the equipment cabinet.
  • Plug the video camera into a power outlet
  • Open the camera at the bottom and insert your tape
  • Cue up your tape and make sure that it is playing correctly
  • In the box find the cord with RCA (red, white, yellow) on one end and a 1/8″ plug on the other end. Plug the 1/8″ end into A/V out on the camera. Plug the RCA connectors into “Input 5″ on the A/V selector at your station and select “Input 5/ EXT “, using the push button.
  • Press play on the camera, and import using iMovie or Final Cut Pro.


  • Ask the Lab Attendant for the VHS-C Cassette Adapter from the equipment cabinet.
  • Open the lid by pushing the switch at the bottom to the right. Insert your VHS-C.
  • If the battery is still good, the small red triangle sticking out the side should be drawn into the cassette. If this does not happen, ask to have the double AA battery replaced.
  • Place the Cassette in the VCR you are using, cue up your tape, press play, and import using iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

Your Personal Video Camera

  • We can’t make any promises that we can digitize footage from your personal video camera, but if it came with a cord for video out (RCA), you can follow the instructions above, for Hi-8/Digital-8.
  • If your video camera is tapeless, you can borrow a card reader from the Media Lab attendant to import your footage.

**If you are using a camera that you borrowed from the MRC, please refer to one of the tutorials on importing footage**

Mini-DV Tape onto the Computer

  • Turn on the DV deck and monitor
  • Flip down the cover of the deck and insert your mini-DV tape
  • Press play on the DV deck and make sure you are seeing and hearing your footage
  • Open up iMovie
  • Click on the Camera icon on the left side
  • An import window will open, use the controls in this window to start/stop/rewind/etc. When you are cued up, hit Import… to start importing your footage

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