Converting Media: Mini-DV

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Get a mini-DV Tape on the Computer

  • Turn on the DV deck and monitor
  • Flip down the cover of the deck and insert your mini-DV tape
  • Press play on the DV deck and make sure you are seeing and hearing your footage
  • Open up iMovie
  • Click on the Camera icon on the left side
  • An import window will open, use the controls in this window to start/stop/rewind/etc. When you are cued up, hit Import… to start importing your footage

Transfer DV to DVD [No Editing]

  • You will want to use Duplication Station A.
  • Turn on the GOVideo Machine. (From now on you can use the remote to control the machine).
  • Insert a blank DVD.
  • Initialize the Disc-> OK.
  • Set the GOVideo machine to AV2 and make sure the RCA cable (yellow, white, red) is running from the DV deck OUT to the GOVideo IN on the front of the machine.
  • Turn on the DV Deck.
  • Cue up your tape and press play you should be seeing and hearing your footage on the monitor. If not, make sure the GOVideo machine is set to AV2.
  • When your tape is cued to the right spot, hit play on the DV Deck and Record (red circle) on the GOVideo machine.
  • When finished recording, you will need to “finalize” your disc with the remote and the instructions taped to the top of the machine

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