Getting Started : Saving

This page provides instruction on how to start your editing programs using the programs available in the MRC lab.

Saving to the Server

You can now create and work on projects in the MRC lab and save your work on one computer and have it be accessible on other computers in the MRC Lab and on the MACs located in the study lounge across the hall from the MRC. In order for you to do this you must save your work on the server. This page will show you how to save to the server.

When you log on the computer to one of the Macs in the MRC Lab or across the hall from the MRC you may receive this popup asking you to sign into the server. If so sign in using your onyen and password


The server labeled MediaStorage will appear on your desktop.

To Save to the server you must tell the program you are working in to save to your profile within the server. For example in GarageBand, after selecting to create a new project when choosing what to name the project you want to make sure you select your folder in the MediaStorage Device to save your songs files.

Reminder you must select the server for any project that you want to have access to on multiple computers. If you don't it will remain on that computer you started to work on the project.

Saving Your Work in iMovie

To add video content to iMovie, go to File > Import > Movies, or right-click in your Event Library. In the import dialog, make sure that you have the following settings:

  • “Homes” selected as your destination;
  • “Move Files” as the behavior for retaining your video files;
  • and Large as your video size.

To begin the editing process, you will need to create a new project by doing Flie > New Project. In the project dialog, give your project a name and make sure you have "Homes" set as the location.

If you would like to access your iMovie project on multiple computers, you must also manually save your project onto the server. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping your project onto the "Backup to Server" icon on the desktop.

Saving Your Work in Final Cut Pro

When you first open Final Cut Pro, you must set a ‘Scratch Disk’.  A Scratch Disk is where your project is saved along with every movie, song, picture, etc. it uses.

To set your Scratch Disk:

  • In the Choose Setup window, click where it says ‘Primary Scratch Disk’.  A drop down list should appear.
  • Click on ‘Choose Folder’.
  • Click on ‘Media Storage’ on the left side of the window and select your ONYEN folder.
  • Click on ‘New Folder’ at the bottom of the window.  Type in what you want your Scratch Disk to be named.
  • Click ‘Choose’ on the bottom-right side.
  • You will be returned to the ‘Choose Setup’ window.  The Primary Scratch Disk should now say ‘Media Storage:Your Folder:’ followed by whatever you named your Scratch Disk folder.  Click OK.

Once the Scratch Disk is set up, Final Cut Pro should open completely.  Immediately click File > Save Project As and save the project in the Scratch Disk you made.  This allows Final Cut Pro to save periodically as you work.  However, it is recommended you save manually throughout working on your project.  You only need to click File > Save Project at this point.

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