Toast: Burn CD

Introduction and information about how to use toast.

Burning a CD with Toast

With Toast, you can burn an audio CD or a data CD.

To burn an audio CD with Toast, follow these steps:

  • Open Toast. Toast is the icon on your dock that looks like a toaster with a CD in it.
  • Click on the second tab on the upper left corner of Toast’s main window. This tab has an icon of a speaker and two eighth notes.
  • Click on Audio CD, just below the tab in the last step.
  • Do either of the following:

(1) Click “Add” on the bottom of the window. Then, select any audio files you would like to burn on this CD.

(2) From the Finder, drag any files you would like to burn into the main part of Toast’s window where it says “Drag sound files or audio tracks into this area.”

  • Click the big red button in the bottom right corner of Toast’s main window. Toast will open the CD/DVD tray and prompt you to put a blank disc in.

Hint: you can burn the sound from a video file by simply adding the video file.

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