Toast: Burn CD

Introduction and information about how to use toast.

Burning a CD with Toast

With Toast, you can burn an audio CD or a data CD.

To burn an audio CD with Toast, follow these steps:

1. Open Toast. Toast is the icon on your dock that looks like a purple toaster with media in it.

2. Click on the tab labeled "Audio" in the upper left corner of Toast’s main window.

3. Do either of the following:

  • Click “Add” on the bottom of the window. Then, select any audio files you would like to burn on this CD.
  • From the Finder, drag any files you would like to burn into the main part of Toast's window labeled "Drag sound files or audio tracks into this area."
    • Note: You can burn the sound from a video file by simply adding the video file.

4. Click the red button labeled "Burn" in the bottom right corner of Toast's main window. Toast will open the CD/DVD tray and prompt you insert a blank disc.


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