Using RefWorks: Off-campus access

UNC Libraries' subscription to RefWorks will end next August (2017)

Off-campus access

Accessing your RefWorks account from off campus

When you are off-campus, RefWorks needs to determine which Univeristy you are affiliated with. There are two ways to do this:

Library Proxy Server (for Windows):

  • Simply access RefWorks from links on our library web pages. Our links will automatically work with the proxy server.
  • Alternatively, you can create a bookmark or shortcut to the following address:
  • Note: Off-campus users may receive a notice from their browser about an invalid RefWorks security certificate. It is safe to add the exception to your browser.

-- OR --

Group Code:

  • You can get UNC's current RefWorks Group Code by following this link. Access to the Group Code is limited to current UNC-Chapel Hill affiliates.
  • Then, you can visit to login directly, enter the Group Code when prompted, and then login to your RefWorks account.


Specific issues

Repairing links to full text articles

Often, records downloaded from library databases such as ERIC or PsycInfo will include links to an article or links back to the record within the database itself. If you try to use one of these links from off-campus, the link might not work since the database does not know that you are affiliated with Carolina. You can manually enter our proxy server stem in front of such links, and this should allow you to access the linked item if Carolina has paid for a subscription. For example:

1. You have a link to:

2. In order to access this from off-campus, you can insert the proxy server stem in front of the URL. The proxy server stem is

3. Your completed URL will be:

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  • URL: