Using RefWorks: Troubleshooting

UNC Libraries' subscription to RefWorks will end next August (2017)

My exports aren't working.

Solution 1: In EBSCO databases, exports often do not open new windows when they should. This usually happens when exporting individual articles. The workaround is to select the article, then export it using the folder export function, rather than at the article level.

Solution 2: Check to see if your browser is blocking pop-ups, and allow them if needed.  Refworks exports will often open a new window.

RefWorks is running slowly.

Periodically RefWorks may slow down dramatically, especially when you are attempting to log into the site. There is no workaround to this; the only solution is to wait and try again later.

I can't edit an item in my account.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, you may occasionally have editing items in your Refworks account.  

Solution 1: Enable compatibility mode in IE9 by clicking this icon in the address bar:

location of compatibility mode icon in IE9

Solution 2: Try using another browser, like Firefox or Chrome.

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