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Sociology 251: Measurement & Data Collection
by Michele Hayslett - Last Updated May 22, 2014
Resources to assist with the research proposal.
Tags: 251, data, measurement, soci, sociology
Sociology 415 - Economy & Society
by Josiah Drewry - Last Updated Aug 14, 2013
Examination of the structure and operation of institutions where economy and society intersect and interact, such as education, industrial organizations, on-the-job training, labor markets, and professional associations.
Tags: 415, economics, economy, soci, soci415, society, sociology
Sociology 469 - Medical Sociology
by Josiah Drewry - Last Updated Aug 22, 2013
Databases for locating research on the sociology of well-being.
Tags: happiness, health_behavior, health_literacy, health_management, mental_health, nutrition, soci, society, sociology, well being