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Finding Data Sets for the Health and Natural Sciences
by Barrie Hayes - Last Updated Apr 7, 2014
A guide to finding data sets in the health and natural sciences disciplines.
Tags: data, research data, researcher, researchers
IACUC Alternative Research Sources
by Susan Swogger - Last Updated Nov 14, 2013
Databases listed on the IACUC form for alternatives searching
Tags: animals, clinical_laboratory, iacuc, researcher, researchers
Keeping Up With Your Field
by Rachel Frame, Susan Swogger - Last Updated Feb 17, 2014
Mobile and library tools for keeping current with new research
Tags: researcher, researchers, scholarly_communications
Measure Your Research Impact
by Barrie Hayes, Danianne Mizzy - Last Updated Mar 18, 2014
Learn how to measure the impact of your research.
Tags: impact, researcher
Searching the Literature for Animal Testing Alternatives
by Susan Swogger - Last Updated Nov 4, 2013
Tutorial for researching alternatives to animal research
Tags: animals, iacuc, laboratories, learning_module, researcher, researchers