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Welcome to the Slavic and East European Collections at UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries!

Eastern Europe has produced some of the most important cultural, political and scientific developments in modern history, and continues to profoundly shape world affairs. The Slavic and East European Collections at UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries are vital to the research, teaching and learning of UNC faculty, students, staff and all residents of North Carolina who seek to understand this complex region. Our unique holdings likewise serve scholars throughout the United States and worldwide.

This Week's Featured Title: Nov. 17, 2014

Heller, Ágnes. Olvasónapló, 2013-2014. Budapest : Múlt és Jövő, 2014.

Second volume of the Hungarian philosopher's reading diary featuring succinct essays on a variety of very different authors, from Ismail Kadate to Péter Nádas, from Sándor Márai to Émile Zola, from D.H. Lawrence to P.D. James and Jo Nesbø.

Previous Week's Featured Title: Nov. 3, 2014

Bohdziewicz, Anna Beata. 1989: Wszystko od nowa : Fotodziennik czyli piosenka o końcu świata = 1989: Life Anew: Photodiary of a song on the end of the world. Warszawa: Dom Spotkań z Historią: Monoplan, 2014.

A selection from Bohdziewicz's Photodiary series from 1989, offering a glimpse of Poland (as well as Latvia and Lithuania) on the brink of a transformation.